April 2019 Newsletter

Location: Klingspor Wood Working Shop, Fletcher, NC

Over 18 attendees, including several attendees from  Charlie Brown’s most recent class in February.

Club member Al Spicer’s passing was announced and discussion was held about how to memorialize him. The group decided that a collection could be taken for donations to be dispersed locations mentioned in his obituary.

The upcoming club meeting schedule was presented:

June 1st – Herzog Veneers, High Point, NC

July 20th – Klingspor Woodworking Store, Hickory, NC

September 14th – Sauers Veneer, Lexington, NC

November 2nd – Klingspor Woodworking Store, Fletcher, NC

Jim Davis gave updates about the club website. The online pattern library is coming along. A new profile of a club member should be posted soon.

A current roster was distributed.

Jim Davis gave updates about the national organization including recent resignations and officer changes. A big focus of the national group is a modernization initiative for their website.  National shows will be de-emphasized going forward in favor of regional shows run by the local marquetry clubs.

A discussion was held on the benefits of the club and club members supporting beginner marquetry classes. The presence of recent class attendees at the meeting was identified as proof that classes can expand interest in the club. Jim (Sockwell? Davis? Sorry, I forgot to indicate.) suggested that the club form a class committee to escalate the club’s efforts at promoting and providing class to the community.

Beth Woody will be teaching a week-long marquetry class at the John C. Campbell Folk School July 7th – July 13th.

Show and tell included presentations of recent work from at least 6 club members. Charlie Brown showed a jig he made to help with clamping saws to the folding tables often available in meeting and class locations. Bonnie Richardson showed her quilt pattern-inspired work and her raccoons mounted to a unique live-edge substrate.

Ed Paris demonstrated a jig that he uses to glue picturess to substrates.

Ted Lawshe gave a demonstration of substrate edging which spawned a discussion of club members’ approaches for flush-trimming edge banding.

The meeting broke for lunch.

After lunch, the meeting reconvened and Bonnie Richardson gave a presentation on making veneered checkerboard patterns.

Submitted by: Scott Jacobs, Secretary

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