President’s Message – 06/15/2020

Fellow Marquetarians,

Good news and not so good news. 

Good news – Our June 6 meeting at Sauers Veneers was well attended and enjoyed by all.  Thanks to Larry and Carol Sauers for accommodating us with due considerations for the concerns we all have since having to deal with the threat of the Covid-19 virus.  We were all masked and able to meet and shop while practicing social distancing in a large well ventilated warehouse.  It all worked splendidly and we felt very comfortable.

Not so good news – Our next meeting scheduled for July 18 at Klingspor in Winston-Salem is canceled. I spoke with Coleman Fourshee, Klingspor G.M. today concerning the latest information and projected dates for resuming club meetings at Klingspor locations.  August is the earliest possible date for resuming club meetings and even that date is iffy. Health considerations and liabilities are viable concerns for them and given the current situation with increasing exposure rates, completely understandable.  The annual Klingspor Extravaganza is also canceled for this year.  This would have marked the 20th year for this event it’s cancellation is disappointing for all.

This news results in our next meeting being September 19, 2020 at Herzog Veneer in High Point. At this meeting we can decide if we want to pursue a meeting in October for Klingspor in Winston-Salem.  I will confirm the Herzog meeting and send a reminder a week or so prior to the September date.  Until then, stay safe and make some sawdust.

Kindest Regards,




Marquetarians of the Carolinas is a group of artists meeting four or more times a year in different parts of North Carolina to further the interest in and promote the art of marquetry. We are a regional chapter of The American Marquetry Society, with members from both Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee. By giving demonstrations, teaching classes, and displaying marquetry at craft shows and galleries, we are striving to keep this ancient art alive.

At our meetings, we discuss various aspects of creating marquetry pieces, and have a speaker, either a member or guest, who presents instruction on a specific topic of interest. All phases of marquetry, including but not limited to, pattern development, veneer selection, cutting techniques, finishing, and framing are covered at our meetings. We also provide opportunities for members to share their work, and seek answers to questions of technique. We invite anyone interested to attend our meetings!

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