Phone No.
Product Description
Tools & Hardware Basic Copper 252-491-2812 Copper sheeting & foil
Tools & Hardware Fastenal 877-507-7555 Screws, bolts, fasteners, toolsetc. Replace the wingnuts on Clyde saws with Adjustable Lever Handle Knob, Fastenal #’s 12730-00819 & 3125510.
Tools & Hardware McMaster-Carr 404-346-7000 Misc hardware, files & stones Huge selection of hardware, tools, office & shipping supplies. Fun to browse!
Tools & Hardware MSC Industrial Supply 828-232-0448 Hardware, tools, metal rod & sheets, fasteners.
Tools & Hardware Stewart-McDonald 800-848-2273 Minature tools Mostly for guitar makers, but useful and interesting selection of hand tools.
Tools & Supplies Drill Technologies 1-616-676-1792 Minature router bits, endmills, drill bits, burrs, etc. Good pricing on hard to find miniture bits.
Tools & Supplies Hobby Lobby International 1-800-888-0321 brass rod, crafts
Tools & Supplies Lesley’s Patterns 937-554-4675 Blades & scrollsaw patterns Good selection of blades, blade selection chart, scrollsaw patterns
Tools & Supplies Rio Grande 800-545-6566 Jewelery making supplies, scroll saw blades, silver wire, etc. Most items are for jewelery makers, but excellent selection of fine scroll saw blades and miniture hand tools.
Tools & Supplies, Veneer Amazon N/A Generic selection of tools & supplies. Anything under the sun!!
Tools & Supplies, Veneer Schürch Woodworking 805-965-3821 Marquetry classes, veneer, tools, & supplies Excellent selection of essential tools & supplies for marquetry.
Tools & Supplies, Veneer Woodcraft Supply 1-800-225-1153 Limited selection of tools & veneers Carries a selection of processed veneers from Sauers
Vacuum Pressing Pumps & Supplies Vacuum Pressing Systems 800-382-4109 Vacuum pumps, fittings, bags, and adhesives Great source for pumps & parts, Unibond 800 adhesive
Veneer B&B Rare Woods 303-986-2585 Veneers, tools & supplies, instruction Excellent site. Outstanding selection of sequenced veneers, most sold per sheet or by the bundle. Select your veneer from the photos, clic to see size/pricing. Veneer mill tour, gallery of customer work, etc. Fun to browse!!
Veneer Carlton-Mclendon 404-876-1144 Old, thick veneers Many veneers listed on website are not in stock
Veneer Certainly Wood 716-655-0206 Veneers Extensive selection of raw veneer, sold per sheet, no minimum order
Veneer Constantine’s 954-561-1716 Veneer, hardware,tools & supplies Extensive selection of veneers, specialty hardware, limited selection of woodworking tools & supplies
Veneer Herzog Veneers 336-434-4053 Veneers Extensive selection of domestic & exotic veneers, burls, crotches, and dyed & recomposed veneers
Veneer Homecraft Veneers 1-800-796-6348 Dyed veneers
Veneer Rosebud Veneers 502-330-5688 Veneers Interesting selection of raw and 2-ply veneers
Veneer Sauers Veneers 336-956-1200 Extensive selection of raw and processed veneers Processed veneers are sold at Klingspors, Woodcraft, etc.
Veneer Wood River Veneer 1-800-875-7084 Domestic, exotic, and dyed veneers
Veneer, Tools, Supplies Joe Woodworker No phone, use email. Domestic &  exotic veneers, vacuum pressing systems,  great selection of veneering tools, supplies & adhesives. No minimum order. Companion site to
Veneer, Tools, Supplies Veneer No phone, use email. Domestic &  exotic veneers, vacuum pressing systems,  great selection of veneering tools, supplies & adhesives. No minimum order. Anything & everything to do with veneering. Wonderful section on “How To”. One of the best websites on veneering! Fun to browse!