Next Meeting

Good news!  Our club will finally be able to meet again!.  Larry and Carol will host our meeting at Sauers Veneers, 363 Dixon Street, Lexington, NC at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 6.

Several precautions are necessary to protect the health and concerns of everyone so the meeting and veneer shopping will be conducted in the huge warehouse portion of Sauers Veneers with the doors to the outside open/raised to promote maximum ventilation.  This will also allow social distancing and hopefully will make everyone comfortable.  You are requested to bring and wear masks. Gloves will be made available for those who wish to wear them and you may wish to bring your own hand sanitizer.  The meeting will be a shortened version of our usual agenda/presentation to allow more time to shop and we will wrap up before lunch. (See attached Agenda)  No group lunch is planned.  Beth will have our usual snack assortment for those with the munchies.

Don’t forget your name tag and bring some of those marquetry pictures I know you have been making while cooped since our last meeting for show and tell.

See our meeting schedule below. Anyone with an interest in marquetry is welcome to attend our meetings! 

2020 Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are 10a.m. to about 2 p.m.  Reminders will be sent via email approximately 1 week prior to meeting dates with additional information including presentation info and addresses. Please note that due to the on-going pandemic, the schedule may change. Check back here regularly!

Our meeting schedule for 2020 is posted below. Please consider suggesting or conducting a presentation during the coming year.  Your active participation in our club is needed to make it a success.  

March 14           Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC                 Program & Presenter TBD

June 6                 Sauers Veneer, Lexington, NC                “How to Assemble a Lamination for   Turning Using Veneers” by Allen Woody

Jul 18                  Klingspor Store, Winston-Salem, NC     Program & Presenter TBD

Sep 19                 Herzog Veneers, Highpoint, NC               Program & Presenter TBD

Oct 30-31           Klingspor Extravaganza, Hickory, NC    Booth Demos by Members       (Volunteers Needed)

Nov 7                  Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC                 Program & Presenter TBD

 Recent Events

  • Wildwood Acres is currently being evaluated as a possible retreat for the club. More information to follow!

Upcoming Events

  • Entry Level Marquetry Class: A one day Intro to Marquetry class will be conducted by Marquetarians of the Carolinas on February 1st at the Klingspors Woodworking Shop in Hickory, NC from 9 – 4:00 pm. Club President Charlie Brown and Membership Officer Bonnie Richardson will be instructing students in creating a simple marquetry picture using the double bevel cutting method. Tips and reference material on building your own saw will also be discussed.After a brief discussion on use of the saws, materials and tools to be used, students will spend the day creating a 5 x 7 marquetry picture using the double bevel cutting method.  All tools and materials used will be provided by the club. The goal of the class is to complete, sand and mount the pictures on MDF substrate by the end of the day.  Application of a finish and edge treatment are to be completed outside of the class. Additional classes are planned for later this year. If you are interested in participating in one, please contact Charlie or one of the other club officers.
  •  Klingspor Extravaganza, Hickory, NC: October 30 – 31, 2020 (club meeting also)
  • John C. Campbell Marquetry Class: Beth Woody will present a week long class at John Campbell Folk School Sunday, July 5Friday, July 10, 2020. Working on a manual fret saw, create your own masterpieces by choosing from a variety of natural wood veneers and making your own patterns from photos or drawings. All levels welcome!
    To register for this class, please call 1-800-365-5724. The Campbell website is: and more details on classes can be found at: