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Radial Match Jig Plans

Attached are the plans for the 2 jigs  for packet cutting radial matches, 1 is for straight lines and the other is for cutting the 30 degree field pieces for a 12 piece radial match… both jigs are identical except for the 30 degree fence on one (which also has a single adjusting screw), overall dimensions are 5 ½” W x 12” L… I’ll try to write up some instructions shortly, but the basic idea is:
Radial Match Packet Cutting Jigs

–      Layout the field pieces on a 12 leaf packet of veneer and rough cut

–      Put packet in straight line jig, set the adjusting screws to the approximate height of the packet, tighten star knobs, and saw to about 1/16” from edge of jig (I use a scrollsaw)

–      Using a template drum sander in a drill press, sand the edge flush with the jig

–      Put the packet in the 30 degree jig  with the straight cut against the fence, saw to about 1/16” from edge of jig, and use the template drum sander to sand the edge flush with the jig

–      This will give you 12 perfectly matched triangular field pieces to be assembled into a radial match

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions!!

Jim Davis