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Radial Match Jig Plans

Attached are the plans for the 2 jigs  for packet cutting radial matches, 1 is for straight lines and the other is for cutting the 30 degree field pieces for a 12 piece radial match… both jigs are identical except for the 30 degree fence on one (which also has a single adjusting screw), overall dimensions are 5 ½” W x 12” L… I’ll try to write up some instructions shortly, but the basic idea is:
Radial Match Packet Cutting Jigs

–      Layout the field pieces on a 12 leaf packet of veneer and rough cut

–      Put packet in straight line jig, set the adjusting screws to the approximate height of the packet, tighten star knobs, and saw to about 1/16” from edge of jig (I use a scrollsaw)

–      Using a template drum sander in a drill press, sand the edge flush with the jig

–      Put the packet in the 30 degree jig  with the straight cut against the fence, saw to about 1/16” from edge of jig, and use the template drum sander to sand the edge flush with the jig

–      This will give you 12 perfectly matched triangular field pieces to be assembled into a radial match

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions!!

Jim Davis


Tips and Tricks

This section is for our members to send in the tips and tricks they use on their artwork.  For example, what do you use to finish your pieces, where do you get supplies, how do you glue your work.   Send them to Beth Woody  at and we will include them here.   This is a great way for us to share our knowledge and experience with other members and also the wider marquetry audience.