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New Website Updates!!

Lots of updates to our website!!

  • Posted President’s message regarding schedule changes due to Covid-19.
  • Updated events page and meeting calendar.
  • Added new member profile page – See Dave Wanucha’s work!
  • Added November 2019 and March 2020 newsletter – apologies to John Fenwick for the delay, he does an excellent job on our newsletters as Western Region Secretary!! Lots of photos, too…
  • Added Membership Directory to Member’s Only section – use the same password as for the pattern library.
  • Fixed some broken links on Tips & Techniques page.


Website Updates

Several changes have been made to our website over the last few months, let us know what you think… the online library is coming along!

  • Revised “Contact Us” page
  • Changed “Members” page to “Of Interest”, added “Members Only” page with draft library
  • Changed member profile
  • Updated Chairman’s Report
  • Added April 2019 newsletter
  • Revised Events page, meeting schedule
  • Corrected front page slider
  • Corrected an issue with member profile page
  • Corrected several issues with loading photos
  • Added slider to 2018 State Fair page

April 2019 Newsletter

Location: Klingspor Wood Working Shop, Fletcher, NC

Over 18 attendees, including several attendees from  Charlie Brown’s most recent class in February.

Club member Al Spicer’s passing was announced and discussion was held about how to memorialize him. The group decided that a collection could be taken for donations to be dispersed locations mentioned in his obituary.

The upcoming club meeting schedule was presented:

June 1st – Herzog Veneers, High Point, NC

July 20th – Klingspor Woodworking Store, Hickory, NC

September 14th – Sauers Veneer, Lexington, NC

November 2nd – Klingspor Woodworking Store, Fletcher, NC

Jim Davis gave updates about the club website. The online pattern library is coming along. A new profile of a club member should be posted soon.

A current roster was distributed.

Jim Davis gave updates about the national organization including recent resignations and officer changes. A big focus of the national group is a modernization initiative for their website.  National shows will be de-emphasized going forward in favor of regional shows run by the local marquetry clubs.

A discussion was held on the benefits of the club and club members supporting beginner marquetry classes. The presence of recent class attendees at the meeting was identified as proof that classes can expand interest in the club. Jim (Sockwell? Davis? Sorry, I forgot to indicate.) suggested that the club form a class committee to escalate the club’s efforts at promoting and providing class to the community.

Beth Woody will be teaching a week-long marquetry class at the John C. Campbell Folk School July 7th – July 13th.

January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year, Marquetarians! I hope that you were able to finish all projects that you had planned for 2018 and have a slate of marquetry goals for 2019.

The final 2018 meeting for Marquetarians of the Carolinas took place Saturday, November 17, 2018 in Fletcher, NC. This was a rain date, as the original September 15th date was impacted by Hurricane Florence. 16 members and guests attended and several attendees participated in show and tell. The primary program was a demonstration of vacuum pressing from Jim Davis.

Jim prepares to demonstrate the vacuum pump and vacuum bag. Jim also distributed printed instructions and resources for vacuum pressing.

Jim applies glue to a substrate, prior to clamping in the vacuum press.









Jim Sockwell and Charlie Brown examine Paul Purdue’s album during show and tell.


In addition to Jim’s very informative demonstration, several members, and some visitors, brought show and tell items.  An informative discussion and helpful tips on techniques followed the show and tell presentations.


Ted Lawshe explains the taping process he used for his picture.



Distribution of an extensive collection of veneers and marquetry magazines donated by longtime member Ted Lawshe was also a significant item for this meeting.  Many thanks to Ted for his thoughtfulness and contributions to the club over the years.  Thanks also to Jim Sweet for his logistical assistance and the volunteers who helped with packaging the items Ted donated.


The meeting schedule for 2019 was also discussed, and subsequently published by Charlie Brown via email. [Editor’s Note: See “Events” page for schedule.]

An introductory 1 day training class was discussed and the details are now available. It is a one day Entry Level Marquetry Class and will be conducted at the Klingspor’s Woodworking Store in Fletcher on Feb 2, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  2 seats are available and registration is required NLT 15 Jan. if you have already registered, no additional notice is required.  Email Charlie for details at The cost is $35 and saws and materials needed to cut a  5 x 7 picture are included.  There will also be discussion and tips on building your own marquetry saw.

With the new year, it is time once again to renew membership in our club.  Annual dues are $15 and can be remitted to Bonnie Richardson either via postal mail or given directly when attending an upcoming meeting.

Bonnie Richardson
2541 Hawkins Road
Germanton, NC 27019

Submitted by: Scott Jacobs, Secretary

April Meeting Venue Changed

  1. Please note that the April 6th meeting will NOT be at the Folk Art center in Asheville as originally planned, but has been moved to Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop in Fletcher, NC (Asheville). Same date, same time!!
  2. The marquetry class by Beth Woody at NC State is coming up at the end of this month, see the “Events” page.
  3. A test site for our website has been established with a working prototype of the pattern library online. The website team is working on a full up version, and we expect to go live in the next few weeks!! Stay tuned…

December 2018 Newsletter

Hello All!

Our last meeting of 2018 was held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Klingspor store in Fletcher, NC, 270 Rutledge Rd Unit A, Fletcher, NC.  This meeting and demonstration was originally scheduled for September 15 but was rescheduled due to Hurricane Florence.

After a short business meeting , we discussed plans for holding a 1-day training class in the Asheville area in early 2019. There was a  good deal of interest in this activity. Jim Davis presented a live demonstration on Vacuum Pressing with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages, system components, glues and substrates, cleanup and sources, and then we broke for lunch.  Afterwards, Jim finished the presentation, and a large amount of free veneer from longtime and faithful member Ted Lawshe  was distributed to members. Thanks to Ted for contributing all this veneer! We also had our customary Show & Tell  with lots of interesting pieces.  We had 16 folks in attendance, 5 of which were prospective new members. As always, we welcome any people interested in marquetry to attend our meetings.

Beth Woody has resigned as secretary/treasurer and Don Patterson has taken over the treasurer’s duties.  Scott Jacobs has become the club secretary. (See more about Scott on the Member Profile page.) Thanks to Beth for her many years of loyal service!!

The Marquetarians of the Carolinas had a booth at the Klingspor Woodworking Extravaganza in Hickory, NC on October 26 and 27. Many members participated demonstrating cutting marquetry and talking with the public about marquetry.  There was also a very nice display of the work of the members.  Our booth was well received by the public and we were kept busy demonstrating and answering questions.

We also had a table at the 1 year anniversary of the opening of the new Klingspor’s store in Cary, NC.  Scott Jacobs and Beth Woody demonstrated and talked with visitors about marquetry.

Several of our members entered items in competition at the NC State Fair in Raleigh this past October, with all who entered winning a ribbon.  We were represented in the “experienced” category (which is for those who have been doing marquetry for 5 years or more) with 4 entries and also in the “novice” category (for those who have been doing it less than 5 years) with 3 entries.  There were also entries by non-members of the club in the youth category.

Submitted by Beth Woody/Jim Davis

Website Updates!!

Many updates have recently been made to the Marquetarians of the Carolinas website! We are planning more changes for 2019, which includes migrating to a new server. This will give us much more flexibility, and allow us to add our pattern library to the website, in addition to enhanced graphics and other improvements! Please contact Jim Davis if you have comments or suggestions.

Here is a summary of changes:

  • Changed member profile – Scott Jacobs
  • Updated Chairman’s Report
  • Added Tip of the Month
  • Revised Events page, meeting schedule, added new events
  • Added Klingspor’s 2018 Extravaganza page with photos
  • Added State Fair page with photos
  • Added November newsletter

Check it out!!

May 2018 Newsletter

May 2018 Newsletter

Hello All!

Our first meeting of the year was held March 31 at the Folk Art Center in Asheville.  We had an outstanding meeting with 24 members and guests present.  We had several new members join – WELCOME!  And there was lots of news and discussions.  We had 16 items for show and tell, one of which was Scott Jacobs showing a very large work in progress, which is a woodland scene for a chest.  He made this using a manual saw.  He showed us how he made it in more than one piece and then put them together.  See photos on Show & Tell page.

Jim Sockwell demonstrated how he does pad cutting.  He made it look so easy!  See Jim’s Member Profile page.

Another demonstration was a slide show presented by Jim and Joy Davis.  On a recent trip to Europe, they visited several museums that had exquisite samples of marquetry.  They took some exceptional pictures and had many of us spellbound with the show.  Many thanks for sharing with us.

We had lots of business to discuss.  See the Events page for the meeting dates and places for 2018. We will have a booth at the Klingspor Expo in Hickory in October.  Please mark your calendar and make plans to come man the booth and either demonstrate or just talk to the people about marquetry.  Charlie Brown will have more details and a sign-up sheet at a later date. Bylaws for the club were presented and accepted at the Asheville meeting.  These can soon be viewed on our website.  Our website is still in the process of revision – many thanks to Jim Davis for his hard work in this area.  Please let him know your thoughts, suggestions, and most especially compliments!

After 20+ years, Beth Woody has resigned as Treasurer.  Our new Treasurer is Don Patterson, 1714 Ramhurst Drive, Clemmons, NC  27012, 910-964-5215,  Dues are still $15 per year and are now payable.  Checks may be made to Marquetarians of the Carolinas and can be sent to Bonnie Richardson, 2541 Hawkins Road, Germanton, NC 27019.  Bonnie is maintaining our roster.

The American Marquetry Society is planning a show in Colorado later this year.  More details will be forthcoming as we receive them. For the past several years, we have been well represented with entries in the Hobby and Crafts area at the NC State Fair.  The digital catalog for competitions will be on-line around July 1.  Beth Woody will have details and paper entry forms at the July meeting.  Please consider entering these competitions.  There are categories for beginners and for more advanced marquetarians, so all skill levels are represented and you will be competing against similar experience levels.

Our club brochure has been a rousing success, necessitating a second printing.  For those of you who have not seen it, copies will be available at the June meeting.  The brochures are on display at a number of woodworking stores around the state.  If you know of some place where we should be represented, please contact Charlie Brown ( or Jim Davis (

Submitted by Beth Woody