AMS Board Chairman’s Report

Winter 2018 Chairman’s Report

We hope all our friends in California have weathered the fires unharmed, and hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving. Get ready for Christmas, maybe Santa will bring you that new tool you’ve been dreaming of!!

We’ve had lots of activity in the Society this quarter. Ellen is settling into her new role as Vice-President, and Irena Petsche is doing a great job as editor of The American Marquetarian.

Dave Peck is continuing to work with Paul Perdue so that Paul can assume the role of Membership Officer. Training is going well, but transitioning the software and database has to be approached cautiously. Dave and Paul hope the transition can be completed in early 2019.

Recently, both Bob Fontana, our Webmaster, and Jim Sweet, our Exhibition Chairperson, have expressed a desire to resign those positions in the next few months. As many of you know, Jim has held a position within the AMS since it started in 1997, and Bob has been our webmaster for many years. Both of these gentlemen have done an exemplary job in all of these positions, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to both. We hope they will continue to play an active role in the local and national organizations!! Thanks Jim and Bob!!!

This is an official call for candidates for the role of Exhibition Chairperson, and Webmaster, both of which are national officer positions. Responsibilities as defined in the AMS Bylaws are:

Exhibition Chairperson:

  • May appoint a committee to assist in organizing a national show or exhibit.
  • Is responsible for establishing the rules.
  • Provide assistance and advice to Chapters in organizing local or regional shows.
  • Solicit chapters and groups to hold future national shows and maintain the schedule of upcoming AMS shows or exhibits.

Webmaster: The Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance and content of the AMS web site. The Webmaster may appoint a committee to assist in these responsibilities.

Our officers have duties & responsibilities, but as members we also have duties and responsibilities. I am asking each of you to reflect and see if you, or someone you know within the AMS, would be willing to step up and run for either of these positions. Candidates should be an AMS member in good standing. The minimum term of office is 6 months with no maximum. If you know of someone, or would like more information, please let me or your board representative know. After a review of candidates by the other officers, a recommendation will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The AMS can only grow and carry forward with your help and participation.

Another initiative underway is redefining the timing of when new members receive their magazines. Irena proposed that new members be given expiration dates so that they get a year of *future* issues rather than be sent back issues for the current year. Dave has formulated a revised process and your officers are in agreement. More information will be available shortly.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Jim Davis, AMS Chairman of the Board