AMS Board Chairman’s Report

Summer 2019 Chairman’s Report

It’s been a busy spring, and we’ve had a lot of activity at the national level.

Unfortunately, no one has stepped forward and shown an interest in the Exhibition Chairperson’s position since Jim Sweet resigned. We’re continuing to solicit qualified individuals for that function, and also looking into other ways of handling that responsibility. We hope to have a plan shortly.

Bill Kimbell recently resigned as Question & Answer editor, and as Bill noted, there has been very little activity for four years. In light of that, the officers decided to eliminate that position and instead Ken Horner will field any questions received. Thank you Bill for your years of faithful service!

Paul Purdue has assumed ownership of the membership officer position. The membership database has been migrated from a Mac-based product called Panorama to a Microsoft Access application. This move will give us the ability to add more functionality and automate many of the tasks associated with the Membership Officer’s position, including accommodation for the new membership timing process. At the present time, Paul Purdue is managing the database itself, while Dave Peck will continue to handle the PayPal and Go-Daddy (Web hosting platform) functions for a few months, and also serve in an advisory capacity. If we are able to successfully incorporate the membership database with the new website within a reasonable amount of time, those functions will largely be automated. Otherwise, those activities will also be shifted to Paul.

Another change is a new Member Directory (member list). A new title page with our logo and disclaimer has been added, and it is included with this issue. However, in the future, the Directory will no longer be mailed out with the summer issue, but instead, it will be emailed to all paid members. For the few members without email, USPS will be used. A test Directory will be emailed at the beginning of summer. Please let us know your thoughts on this. Please note that in order to receive it, you must have a current email address on file. Contact Paul Purdue with corrections.

The Website Development Team is making good progress on migrating our website to the Word Press platform. The development team has identified several areas of improvement and additional functionality to be implemented in the new website. The survey mentioned in the previous issue is being finalized and should be distributed to all members by the time you receive this. The survey is designed to gather information on what features members would like to see on the website. To encourage members to respond to the survey, a lottery will be held and one respondent will be chosen at random to receive a two-year free membership. We hope to have the new website online by this September. Please be sure to respond to the survey, and thanks for your comments!!

In February, we had 3 new members join, with 6 in March, and 10 (!!) in April.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Jim Davis, AMS Chairman of the Board