AMS Board Chairman’s Report

Winter 2019 – 2020 Chairman’s Report

Winter is upon us here in Asheville, NC! We’ve had a little bit of snow already, we’ll see what is in store…

The offices of Vice President and Exhibition Chairperson remain open, please consider contributing to your organization by volunteering to fill one of these roles.

After a bit of head scratching, it was decided that instead of sending out the Membership Directory as an email (or printed), it made more sense to upload it to the “Members Only” section of our website. Therefore, as part of our ongoing process improvements, the AMS Membership Directory is now online on our website ( at the “Members Only” page under “AMS Membership List”. You must have your password to access the files. The directory is now created directly from the membership database, as a series of 3 color pdf files, and will no longer be mailed out with the summer issue of our magazine. This digital format will allow us to update the Directory more frequently, and save significantly on time and postage. It is available to all paid members, and periodic updates will be uploaded.

The Directory consists of the following files: Membership Directory By Name, Membership Directory By State, and Foreign Membership Directory. Please be sure to check it out, and let me know what you think.

We are coming up on a very busy time for membership renewals. The new timing process has been in effect for a year now, but we still have many members whose memberships expire at the end of the year. Paul will have an email out to all members coming up for renewals, and has defined the process as well.

At this time, the Website Development Team has ground to a temporary halt. A good bit of progress has been made, but after the first of the year we’ll get together, have a status check, regroup, and forge ahead.

We welcomed 9 new members and 1 renewal in August, 4 new and 1 renewal in September, and 7 new members and 1 renewal in November. There was no activity in October.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Jim Davis, AMS Chairman of the Board