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Newsletter Aug 20 2013

Dear Fellow Marquetarians,

Our July meeting was held at Klingspor Woodworking Shop in Hickory.  It was the first time we had met there and they have an excellent facility.  We look forward to future meetings with them.  We had 20 members and guests present and a number of wonderful show and tell items.

With regret, Hank Richter has given up cutting, and he offered his supplies at a silent auction.  There was a large assortment of tools and veneer with lots of excitement from the club members, and in addition to realizing some return on his investment, Hank made a lot of people very happy!

The new roster is almost complete.  For current members, a rough draft has been sent to you as an Excel spreadsheet.  Please verify your information and let me know immediately if there are any changes needed.  If I don’t hear from you, I will assume that your information is correct.  The finished and printed copy will be available at our next meeting, which will be September 21 at Sauers Veneer in Lexington, NC.

Plans are moving forward slowly for the National Meeting next summer at Sauers and Herzog .

There was a call for entries for the AMS National Symposium and Show.  Information was given out for those who may be interested in entering one or more pictures.

We will be participating at the Klingspor Hickory Woodworking Show October 18 and 19 (Friday and Saturday).  Details will be worked out at our September meeting.  Please check your calendars and be ready to let Bonnie know what you are able to do to help make this show a success.

The website is still under construction, but is up and running, and as of the July meeting, when it had been up for less than two weeks, we had already had 40 separate viewers!  John and Fay Choban have agreed to be the “webmasters” for us during this start-up time, and for that we send a huge THANK YOU!  Fay has asked for a couple photos of work by each member, so please send them directly to her at choban@usucceed.com   There will be a “members gallery”  on the website where these photos will be displayed.  There will also be a “help” section on the website where people can post questions for members to answer and/or members may list their areas of expertise and willingness to help others with problems.   We will discuss this “help” section more at the September meeting.  The website address is http://carolinamarquetry.com Please keep checking to see new additions!

Beth Woody will be teaching a marquetry class at NC State University on  September 28 and 29.  Further information can be seen at  www.ncsu.edu/crafts

The silent auction was such a success that we plan to continue something of that nature.  It will not be a regular item at every meeting, but if anyone has any tools, books, etc. that they are no longer using, they may bring them to any meeting.  A set price can be put on them or they can be auctioned off, seller’s choice.  It has also been suggested that we bring some of our marquetry books for members to look at to see if they may want to purchase one for themselves.

We have decided to do a club project.  It is to be a water themed picture.  Pattern will be your choice, and it may be a library pattern or one of your own design, it simply needs to feature water prominently in some way.  We are to have this picture completely finished by our March meeting.  Let’s all put on our thinking caps and come up with something spectacular to show everyone!

Our next meeting will be September 21 at Sauers Veneer in Lexington, NC.  As usual, anyone interested in marquetry is welcome to attend our meetings.  We will get underway at 10 am with refreshments prior to beginning the meeting.  Please bring your calendars and ideas, as we would like to discuss the dates and places of our meetings for 2014.  We would also like to know what you would like to have for programs/demonstrations and if you would be willing to do one of these.  Jim Sweet will do our program for this September meeting with a discussion/demo on doing water in a marquetry picture.  Of course, after lunch, we all look forward to SHOPPING!  Larry says he has some new and unusual veneer which will be available for us and he has also requested that if we have any specific “wants” he will do his best to fulfill those.  Therefore, if anyone wants something specific, please let me know by September 1, and I will forward those to Larry so he will have time to get them together if he has them.  Let’s have a great turn-out for this meeting.  Sauers Veneer is located at 363 Dixon Street, Lexington, NC and the phone number is 336-956-1200.

Directions:  From the North (Greensboro/Winston-Salem):  Take business I-85 south towards Lexington.  Take exit 84 (Linwood Road). Turn left at the stop sign and go across the bridge. Take your first right which is Dixon Street. From the West:  Take I-40 East to Greensboro and then take business I-85 towards Lexington.  Take exit 84 (Linwood Road).  Turn left at the stop sign and go across the bridge.  Take your first right, which is Dixon Street.

From the South:  (Charlotte):  Take I-85 North towards Greensboro.  Merge onto business I-85 North via exit 87.  Take Exit 84 (Linwood Road).  Merge onto Hargrave Lane.  Take 2nd right onto Hargrave Lane.  Turn Left onto Dixon Street.

I hope we have a great turn-out for this meeting and look forward to seeing you all then!



July 2012

Dear Fellow Marquetarians,

We had a fantastic meeting at Herzog Veneer in High Point on June 1, 2013 with 13 members and guests present.

Our new President, Bonnie presented some of her good ideas for the direction of the Club.  Among them were the selection of meeting places.  One suggestion was that since many restaurants have meeting rooms, we should investigate meeting there and, of course, having our meal there, too.  Please look around your area and if there are any places you can suggest, please let Bonnie know (via e-mail:  urabus2000@aol.com).  It was also suggested that new members have a “mentor” who can help them.  While any of us are willing to answer any questions, if someone living near the new member may be more accessible.  Other items mentioned were name tags for the group, setting dates and places for meetings for the whole year at the first meeting; and more applications for marquetry other than pictures and furniture.  Bonnie asked for ideas for demos/programs and many topics were mentioned.  Among them were:  problems encountered and how to correct; knife cutting; book matching for sunburst; pad methods; cutting picture into frame; fragmentation; cutting and using stringers; squaring pictures; mitering corners; sand shading; and having more workshops.  Please let Bonnie know via e-mail of your interest in the above list, either in the topic or as a presenter of this topic.

Returning to doing a Club Project was discussed.  We want heavy participation in this, but understand that everyone may not be interested in particular patterns, so please let Bonnie (via e-mail) know your suggestions of how this might be handled to bring in lots of participants.

One other item presented was the possibility of hosting a “National Meeting for Shopping” weekend in 2014.  Larry Sauers has proposed an invitation to AMS to come to the area for a weekend of shopping for veneer.  He has been talking with Sam and Sabrina and Ken Horner (AMS President) about this.  Briefly, there would be a weekend during the summer of 2014 during which Sauers Veneer and Herzog Veneer would open their facilities to AMS for the purchase of veneer.  There is a possibility of a “meet and greet” of all members on Saturday evening during which there could be a Show and Tell display of one or more pictures from each attendee and also the possibility of a catered barbecue dinner at the same site.  Our chapter would be responsible only for being available at the sites to answer questions and assist as needed.  This is in the very early discussion/planning stage, and more details will be forthcoming.

Our program was a presentation by Fay Choban on setting up a website for the Club.  We are all excited about this, and hopefully it will be in full swing by the next meeting.  As soon as we have full details, I will send out another mini-newsletter with information on how to access the website and where to send contributions.

Our other activity was SHOPPING!  Sam and Sabrina really went all out for us this time and had an absolutely fantastic selection of veneer for us to choose from and excellent prices as well.  Needless to say, we all went home with bunches of veneer to add to our collections!  We send a huge THANK YOU to them for their efforts!

There is a call for pictures/entries for the AMS National Marquetry Symposium and Show.  Details are available on the WYCOLO website at www.comarquetry.org   We have been encouraged to enter as many pictures as possible to make this a very successful show.

Our next meeting will be July 20 at Klingspor in Hickory.   The street address is 856 21st Street Drive SE, Hickory, NC and the telephone is 828-326-9663.  Jim Sweet will do a presentation on his method of doing fragmentation.  As usual, we will get underway at 10 am with refreshments and break for lunch at a nearby restaurant.  Let’s have a great turn out for this meeting!

Directions from the East:

  1. I-40 West toward Statesville
  2. At exit 126, take ramp right toward Hickory/Newton  0.2 mi
  3. Turn right onto McDonald Pkwy SE  0.9 mi
  4. Turn right onto 21st St Dr SE  0.5 mi

Directions from the West:

  1.  I-40 East toward Statesville
  2. At exit 126, take ramp toward Hickory / Newton  0.2 mi
  3. Turn left onto McDonald Pkwy SE  0.9 mi
  4. Turn right onto 21st St Dr SE  0.5 mi

Until July 20, Happy Cutting!

Beth Woody