Member Profile – Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs’ interest in marquetry began near the end of 2013.  Searching for items decorated with rats in an effort to find a Christmas gift, he came across marquetry expert Silas Kopf’s cabinet “Urban Theme (Life is a Rat Race)”. Intrigued, he perused more of Kopf’s work and discovered Kopf’s remarkable trompe l’oeil piece “Cat Desk”. After encountering those pieces of marquetry, an unshakable image formed in Scott’s mind of his own marquetry-decorated piece of furniture: a tall laundry-folding table embellished with images of rats doing laundry. The only obstacle was a complete ignorance of how to create marquetry.

A bit of searching around revealed The Crafts Center at NC State and an upcoming weekend marquetry class taught by Marquetarians of the Carolinas member Beth Woody. The class was effective and inspiring, equipping Scott with the confidence to embark on the table he had envisioned. “I chose to make an item of furniture for the laundry room to hedge my bets in case it didn’t turn out well. But now a piece I’m quite proud of is seen only by very few.”, says Scott.

Since that first project, Scott has completed a few others. He restored a mahogany-veneered cedar chest, decorating it with five marquetry cat portraits. “The center portrait is from a photo of my cat Violet taken when she was a kitten.”  His rendition of an antique sideshow banner won first place in its division at the 2015 North Carolina State Fair. He primarily enjoys creating marquetry from patterns created by manipulating photographs on a computer. He works using the double-bevel cutting method, cutting with a fret saw attached to a drawer slide affixed to small table.