July 29, 2017 Newsletter

Our July meeting was held at Sauers Veneer in Lexington, NC with 26 members and guests present.  Special guests were Claudia Carter and Ellen Drechsler, daughters of Claude Edwards, one of our founding members.  It was a wonderful treat to see the pictures of Claude’s which they brought with them.

The National Show was held in August in Colorado, and we look forward to a report of this show.

Entries in competition at the NC State Fair were discussed.  Unfortunately, the entry deadline is prior to the meeting, so individuals will need to go ahead and enter via either paper entry form or online.  To reach the information, go to the NC State Fair 2017 website.  Click on:  Enter a Competition, then General Competitions, then Handicrafts and Hobbies, then Competition Rules.  Our class is under Miscellaney:  Marquetry……  We are divided into two categories, Experienced and Novice.  If anyone has a problem filling out the entry form, please do not hesitate to contact me either by e-mail (ejwoody@centurylink.net) or phone (919-245-1109).  I’ll be glad to help.  There is a box on the Handicrafts and Hobbies page for printing a paper entry form or entering online.  Please, let’s have lots of entries to show our work to the public.  If you will bring your entry to the meeting at Al’s, Beth will be glad to take them to the Fairgrounds for entry and will pick them up after the Fair, returning them you either at the Extravaganza or the November meeting.

Of course, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the shopping spree in Larry’s warehouse.  And I believe everyone got lots and lots of goodies to play with!  Thanks, Larry!


Bob Moffett of the Chapel Hill Woodturners Club demonstrated the Lichtenberg process, which is burning a pattern on wood using an electrical charge.  The burnings resemble a lightning bolt.  It was fascinating to watch this process, as it is totally unpredictable.  Several of our members had the opportunity to try this process.  A very BIG thank you to Bob for such an interesting demonstration.

Since I’ve not learned to import pictures into this newsletter yet, I’ve attached a couple pictures of Bob’s demonstration to the e-mail itself…….

Next Meeting

As shown in the box above, our next meeting will be at Al Spicer’s Shop.  Al will provide a demonstration of marquetry pattern designs using a computer.