2018 Klingspor’s Extraganza

Pictures and boxes from Marquetarians of the Carolinas on display at the 2018 Klingspor Woodworking Extravaganza

October 26th and 27th, 2018 saw the return of Klingspor’s Woodworking
Extravaganza to the Hickory Metro Convention Center. Once again, our club, Marquetarians of the Carolinas, was able to participate with a booth dedicated to demonstrating the process of marquetry as well as presenting finished results. On display for examination by the public included finished pictures, boxes and furniture embellished with marquetry. Several pieces were on display straight from their ribbon-winning appearances at the North Carolina State Fair.

Club members cutting marquetry under observation from the public.









Over the course of the two days volunteer club members worked on projects in full view of the public. This year all demonstrators were practicing the double bevel technique on hand-powered saws. Common comments from observing attendees include the familiar variations of “You must have so much patience” and “I could never do that.” Everyone, but especially those commenters with the self-doubt, was encouraged to attend a club meeting or enroll in a class to learn that while patience is required, they could do it.